ESI Works is now hiring a Healthcare Marketing Director in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Must be local to apply.


The Marketing Director oversees and directs the company’s marketing efforts and will report directly to the President of company. The Marketing Director, will be a critical partner to the leadership team, and will lead the Marketing Function and be responsible for developing and implementing the annual Marketing Plan to support growth in the Urology and Ostomy markets. This will include developing and maintaining a strong understanding of the market, identifying and segmenting the major customer groups, understanding customers’ unmet needs, and overseeing and executing marketing initiatives to enable customer acquisition and retention by providing “Legendary Service”.


Marketing Plan:

  • Develop and update thorough market understanding through primary and secondary research, customer relationships, and key partnerships
  • Identify and segment key customer groups within market – determine unmet needs, develop messaging, and develop marketing solutions to address unmet needs and drive growth for company
  • Develop, implement and oversee annual Marketing Plan (market overview & understanding, customer segments, unmet needs, tactical plan) to strengthen the company brand within the US Homecare Market
  • Guide the overall development of marketing campaigns, programs, initiatives, and service offerings
  • Oversee development of all marketing materials and ensure consistent messaging and positioning, mix (e.g., print, digital, phone, web, etc.) and method for engaging with customer groups
  • Partner with key stakeholders (i.e., Management, Field Sales, Customer Services, etc.) within company to execute annual Marketing Plan
  • Establish marketing KPIs for all initiatives; monitor and report regularly
  • Manage annual marketing budget and execute all marketing initiatives within budget
  • Ensure all marketing activities are in-line with the overall company strategy
  • As well as other duties and responsibilities, which may be assigned

Marketing Execution: 

  • Manage the overall relationship with key suppliers – engaging in regular meetings, co-development of marketing programs, and fulfillment of Supplier Agreements
  • Partner with Contracting Team to enable acquisition and retention of new/existing contracts to support the overall growth of company
  • Develop marketing materials directed at Payers/Contracts to communicate key messages, service offerings and benefits, and determine best form for the materials
  • Execute Marketing Campaigns focused on Payers/Contracts in alignment with the annual marketing plan (e.g., direct mail, email broadcast campaigns, outbound calls, marketing trade shows and events, customer communications, media advertisements, etc.)
  • As well as other duties and responsibilities, which may be assigned

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply directly on this page, or call 888.246.6066 for more information. Thank you for your interest in this position.