Imagine a Career in Classical Education

Imagine the joy of igniting the imaginations of young people by imparting to them the best of what has been thought, written, spoken, and created throughout history: the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Imagine the fulfillment of teaching in a school environment which enables and encourages articulate, engaged professionals to convey real knowledge to students using traditional, proven teaching methods.

Imagine the effectiveness of a learning culture which defines, demonstrates, and demands virtue, respect, decorum, discipline, and studiousness among students and faculty.

Imagine instilling in young minds the concept of objective standards of truth, goodness, beauty, and importance fundamental to the classical liberal arts, and reinforcing these concepts through the skillful teaching of literature and history, and through modelling in classroom and school culture.

Imagine being free to lead your students toward excellence in knowledge of the world, moral character, and civic virtue, the qualities possessed by outstanding citizens ready to take their place as productive, happy members of society.

Welcome to the world of Classical Education, where these attributes are encompassed in the visions of many of the schools with which ESI works. If you can imagine yourself thriving in this kind of environment, ESI can help match you with a career you love.

Classical Education